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Dental Trauma

Dental trauma is common in young children. Studies have demonstrated that approximately 50% of school children have trauma to their teeth before leaving school!


  • Boys are more prone to dental trauma than girls.

  • Baby teeth are more frequently involved than adult teeth

  • Upper front teeth are more frequently involved (90%)

  • Highest age risk is from 6-12 years with a peak age of 9 years.


Injuries can involve the gum "gingiva" or the lining of the mouth "oral mucosa". Teeth can suffer from trauma to the mouth either due to injuries to the biting surface of the tooth "crown fractures" or the hidden parts of the tooth like "root fractures" as well as  injuries to the tooth supporting ligament "Periodontal ligament". In severe trauma injury can reach to the bone support of teeth.

Dental trauma before and after

Children's Dentistry

Dental trauma before and after

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